BREXIT: We must vote again

On Friday, February 1, I took part in a discussion with our MP Ronnie Campbell and a market trader in Blyth Market Place while being filmed for television.

Monday, 18th February 2019, 5:45 am

We chatted for more than ten minutes, but nothing of what I mentioned was shown.

Mr Campbell and the market trader voted to Leave the EU in the 2016 referendum and I voted to Remain.

Since the vote I have repeatedly come across Leave voters complaining that “leave means leave, Brexit means Brexit and get on with it”.

However, they don’t seem to like it when these expressions are used against them.

Remain or Leave were the only two words on the ballot paper. I said that Leave covered a multitude of sins.

It did not differentiate between leave with a deal or leave without a deal, or in fact leave under any circumstances, including a hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland. These were all voted for if you voted Leave.

To emphasise how ridiculous this is, I said that if the Channel Tunnel was to close to all traffic, all ferry crossings to Europe were to cease, and all trade with Europe was to cease, no matter how ridiculous it sounds in the hope and belief that this would not actually happen, if it did happen it would be because people voted to leave without any conditions given in the referendum.

That may be a little over the top so let’s look at some facts.

If we leave without a deal you cannot blame those who voted Remain, it will be completely down to those who voted Leave. Remember, ‘leave means leave, Brexit means Brexit and get on with it’, even if it’s with no deal and maybe a hard border in Ireland. This has to satisfy those who voted Leave, including Mr Campbell.

Strangely, the vast majority of MPs from all parties, both Remainers and Leavers, in the House of Commons are united (for once) in the belief that to leave without a deal will be a financial catastrophic disaster for this country and must not be allowed to happen.

The leader of the Labour Party would not even enter into talks with the Prime Minister until this option was ruled off the table.

Yes, the leader of the Labour Party has said to the Prime Minister, ‘I, along with 52 per cent of the country voted to Leave without a deal, but I wont talk to you until you rule it out’. I cannot believe he has aspirations to one day be Prime Minister.

The people of this country must insist on another referendum with at least an explanation of the achievable deals available, including Remain, after negotiations with the EU have been completed.

I thought the pantomime season was over, but it still seems to be available on a daily basis on the BBC Parliament channel.

Where are our MPs during this? In a recent evening session MPs had to vote on six amendments. Watching this was pure pantomime as they all left the House of Commons to parade past tellers to be counted, then return to the House for each vote. They must be joking in this day and age, to perform like this is pure farce.

We have 650 MPs but only 639 can vote. All of the votes on these amendments fell at lease 11 short of the possible 639. All MPs should have been there.

Mr Campbell did comment that if some people had “changed their minds” since the referendum, they should be contacting him to let him know, but this was not happening so far.

If you have reviewed the situation after watching the behaviour of all parties concerned in the last 30 months and have decided to amend your decision, especially if you voted Leave but do not want leave without a deal, then contact Mr Campbell asap.

Michael Roberts