DECLINE: Act before it’s too late

Can we have £8m for our town centre at Blyth please?

Thursday, 25th April 2019, 6:32 am

We desperately need some cash to save our town from extinction and becoming the forgotten town in Northumberland.

Yet I would guess that Blyth, with all of the industry on the river, contributes more to the economy of Northumberland than any other town.

So what is happening? Why are we being ignored?

Whose idea was it to demolish the building in the town centre and pave the area and call it a Market Square?

It is an area that can only be used if it’s not too cold or if it’s not too windy, or if it’s not raining, then in the summer.

Where have all the market traders gone? Who knows, perhaps somewhere where there are people?

If we need a market, why not get rid of the bus garage (we don’t need a garage in the town) and make the existing building into an all-weather indoor market like Tynemouth?

Now how about the Keel Row Shopping Centre, as it is laughingly called, with a quarter of the shops closed and no immediate takers. What will happen to that?

I walked through the centre the other day and heard a public announcement: “If you have difficulty in finding what you are looking for, ask one of our security personal for assistance.”

What a joke, you can walk through the door and be out the other end in 30 seconds.

So is Blyth becoming a laughing stock?

Do we not deserve a town to be proud of, a town that can offer the local community a variety of retail outlets to provide the goods that will satisfy all their needs, a town that can welcome visitors and show what can be achieved?

This has to happen soon before it’s too late.

There, moan over, I hope some people agree with me.

John Wilson