DECLINE: Bring back the stalls

I totally agree with the letter from John Wilson about the demise of Blyth (News Post Leader, March 7).

Friday, 22nd March 2019, 5:39 am

The article regarding the closure of Barclays Bank in Blyth is a sad reflection of the way that Blyth has been allowed to deteriorate so much, even after so much planning has gone into improved facilities in the market area and other facilities that have opened up on the coastal area, which is brilliant and thriving.

Across the country it is a pleasure to see the market towns bustling, thanks to the nearby markets.

Our local councillors should take note of this fact and do everything possible to attract back the market stalls that have stopped trading due to increased costs to them.

The place is crying out to be the attraction that it once was, enabling all of the surrounding shops to benefit from increased shoppers in that area.

Such a shame.

Mrs J Chaplin

Seaton Delaval