DEVELOPMENT: Not right to use pupils

I am writing regarding the article on Barratt Homes choosing to run the competition to name the New Hartley church field development with New Hartley First School (News Post Leader, March 7).

Monday, 25th March 2019, 5:39 am

I am quite astounded as to why New Hartley school would allow innocent young children, who would know very little of the background of the fight against the Barratt development by the villagers, to take part in such a competition.

I am saddened that a community village school could be affiliated in local newspapers with the company, which in my view is about to cause chaos and upheaval within the village and on the roads surrounding it.

I would be very surprised if any parents of children at the school were made aware of this competition prior to the winner being announced.

I, myself, would be greatly offended if my child was being implicated in such corporate activities as part of their education.

To have kids used as cheap advertising to soften the fact that Barratt Homes is about to add extra burden on the local schools and add cars to the small village road infrastructure is an insult.

Whatever will be next? A school visit to watch the bulldozers destroy the field and wildlife?

Goodness knows what lesson we are teaching our kids with such standards within our schools these days.

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