POEM: Boomtown Prats

Boom – our town is expanding

Thursday, 11th April 2019, 6:22 am

With land earmarked to the west

Thousands spent on Cowpen Road

Improvements to be put to the test.

I thought we solved that problem

Congestion would be no more

Then a new estate is built

Behind the Lidl store.

And now we hear old Bebside

Will be fighting to stay alive

But with 300 plus new homes

Bedlington will be touching Blyth.

We are governed by a river

That lies to our immediate north

Perhaps we could build a bridge

Like Severn, Humber or Forth.

That would ease congestion

A new bridge would be superb

Then Sleekburn and Cambois

Would become a new Blyth suburb.

Forever pushing westward

Living the new estate blues

Finally drowning our sorrows

At your local – the Threehorse Shoes.

Blyth, Crammie and Delaval

Not forgetting Hartley and The Sluice

Could one day merge together

Planning permission free and loose.

Acre after acre

Soulless houses big and small

Activities at the new community centre

Once known as Seaton Delaval Hall.

A pity we can’t push eastward

Or perhaps again we can

Build an offshore island

A tax haven like the Isle of Man.

So if you’re looking to move

To houses, bungalows or flats

Three cheers to landowners, planners and builders

Better known as the Boomtown Prats.

Stuart Air