PROMENADE: Tidy it up for the visitors

I totally agree with the letter by M Stevens about benches at the coast being turned into shrines (News Post Leader, March 21).

Thursday, 4th April 2019, 1:55 pm

There are 42 seats on Blyth promenade and, unfortunately, 23 of them are rarely sat on because of the various items on them.

Surely a plaque with the names of the deceased is sufficient.

Also, the northern end of the promenade is a disgrace. Metal railings have been there for ages at the end of Beach Way. Whoever is responsible for this eyesore should tidy it up.

Sadly, the beach area is the only part of Blyth that visitors come to any more so an effort must be made by all concerned to make it a better experience.

S Baxter