Opportunities to get involved

I READ the letter from Tony Ives (News Post Leader, September 29) several times to understand the many points he was trying to make.

Tony and I served together on the former Blyth Valley Borough Council.

He has a natural tendency to question and I welcome that.

I would like to say I spent a day travelling Northumberland via Seahouses and Wooler to investigate the introduction of a development trust in Cramlington.

No need for consultation, it will happen. But we will need members of the public to apply to become members of the steering group, which hopefully Tony will apply for.

David Shaw explained in a letter that we wished to create a People’s Panel. Again, an opportunity to be involved.

There is also to be a community plan for which members of the public can submit ideas.

Finally, whatever views Tony might have, there is a problem and it needs to be solved.

Cramlington, as a new town, has existed for far too long. It suffered under the yoke of Blyth Valley Borough Council, but now it is free and must seek its own way forward, and I welcome the proposed boundary changes for the election of an MP.

But, we must have a town centre.

At the planning meeting with Hammersons, I said we have a problem with where to locate a Christmas tree. Is it to be in the town centre or the village centre.

My answer is, yes we should have both. But my question is who will pay for this?