Opportunity not to miss

What a wonderful opportunity for Ashington and south east Northumberland to grab over 700 jobs.

I am referring to the potential of County Hall relocating. I think people in the area should be demanding that this happens. However the only voices I am hearing are those who shout FOUL and it must stay where it is.

These are the same people who as recently as in 2012, after already making 1300 people redundant, were prepared to make another 1000 redundant by closing County Hall and having a public private partnership with the privatised work in Cramlington. What would have happened to Morpeth then?

These were the same people who have overseen houses being built in the green space areas of Bedlington and Ashington but when it comes to Morpeth they shout ‘not in our back yard’. What a bunch of hypocrites!

This is a golden chance, if not to create jobs but to safeguard jobs and start the much needed regeneration of South East Northumberland.

The plan is also to deliver local services within the seven major towns and if I can give a nudge towards Bedlington, there is already a fine underused council facility in place and this market town could also do with an assistance in regeneration.

So come on, support the Labour Administration at County Hall and get behind this ambitious but achievable plan right now.

Alex Wallace

East Sleekburn