Our town is ‘retail hole’

I read with interest and amusement that Cramlington is to lose its Morrisons creating a ‘retail hole’ (News Post Leader, February 19).

Has the councillor actually walked around Cramlington lately? The Vue, Sainsbury’s, Aldi, Asda, M&S, Halfords, Argos, Pets at Home, Home Bargains, leisure facilities and so on and so on.

Can I suggest he gets in his car and drives over to Bedlington and has a look at what a ‘retail hole’ really is before complaining and, indeed to my astonishment, ringing up the property department at Lidl to ask them if they would take it over.

I pay my council tax like the next person, but being a Bedlington resident have not the luxury of the facilities afforded to Cramlington, and only to lose one store like Morrisons I am sure I could live with it.

We are losing Tesco and will only have a small Morrisons for a town the size of Cramlington, nothing else worth shouting about will be left.

So if anywhere has a complaint of a ‘retail hole’ then the only town that should be expressing it is Bedlington.

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