Outdoor art to celebrate individuality

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To mark the national Anti-Bullying Week, pupils at Stead Lane Primary School in Bedlington painted a rock inspired by the book Only One You by Linda Kranz.

Every child at the school, from nursery to Year 6, and the staff painted a rock to celebrate individuality.

The painted rocks were used to spell out the school's name.

The children then used the rocks to spell out the school’s name as an art exhibition at the entrance to the school.

Headteacher Reuben Anderson said: “This has helped the children to realise that we’re all different and unique, but that we’re also all working together to make our school a happy and vibrant place.

“It has been lovely watching the parents and families of our school come along with their child to find their rock.”

The aims of the week included helping school pupils understand how important it is that every child feels able to be themselves, without fear of bullying.

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