Owners have an obligation

I totally agree with everything ‘a responsible horse owner’ said regarding the comments made on the state of the fields provided for Newbiggin horse owners (News Post Leader, August 14).

For more than two years, some residents of Newbiggin fought to try and get some sort of help for these poor horses left in any sort of place, tied to the end of a rope or left to roam as they weren’t being tended to properly, and also people denied ownership of these animals.

I was put into a position I did not ask to be in because of so called horse owners when I had the distress and heartache of finding two neglected, dying horses.

I have to live with that horrible sight for the rest of my life, and this has left me very angry.

When you make the decision to acquire any animal, you have to consider the cost of that animal and all that goes with it, and if they really can afford it.

Horse owners complaining about the paddocks and the lack of a water trough should have witnessed myself and other people carrying buckets of water over fields to horses last year, because the owners could not give a hoot whether the horses were fed or watered.

Some people think it is acceptable to tether a horse 24-7, and then expect the horse to trot or be ridden around bare back with ropes for reins at their pleasure, or to be used as a play thing for children.

Why does it have to be the council that has to provide paddocks? If people want to keep a horse, why couldn’t they do this for themselves?

And if they can’t afford the fee of £42.50, what happens in the horse needs veterinary care?

In regard to the complaint about rubbish, has no one ever thought about the discarded plastic wraps from bales of straw and the smell of manure and rotting wet straw, as people have had to put up with it because owners could not be bothered to clear it away for all it was near someone’s doorstep.

At the end of the day, the paddocks have been provided for these owners by funds sourced by Northumberland County Council, and as far as I am concerned, the fee charged is not a patch of what some owners fork out to give their horses what they need and deserve to give them a good life.

Animal societies have also bent over backwards in organising days for vets and animal welfare to look at horses, give treatment and advice at a discount, and it still does not seem to be enough.

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