Parent work sees school gain award

A BEDLINGTON school has been honoured with a prestigious award for its work with parents.

Bedlingtonshire Community High School has achieved the ‘Leading Parent Partnership Award’ (LPPA) for engaging with parents.

The school has worked over a two-year period to develop the relationship and experience that parents have when contacting the school.

It has also developed its aims to improve the quality of parents’ evenings and letters the parents receive as well as improving communication, introducing parent newsletters and information them about what their child is studying each half term in every subject.

The school has also been running a parent focus group to discuss and provide an opportunity to voice their opinions on key issues such as reports and uniform.

Headteacher Kieran McGrane said: “The framework offered through LPPA has been essential in developing a more rounded whole-school approach to engaging with parents.

“We have found the process to be hugely beneficial and would highly recommend it to any school looking to improve their work with parents.”

The main areas of successes were outlined in the report.

These included the school’s openness about its strengths and areas for development.

And due to this a very trusting relationship has been built up between the school and the parent body.

The report added that communication has been vastly improved; the induction process provided by the school is very thorough; and the school contacts the parents about positive things which have happened and these messages are gratefully received.