PARENTING: Wrong to let this happen

I feel strongly that we have entered a new '˜dark age' with regard to the standards of some parenting.

Sunday, 22nd May 2016, 6:00 am

It upsets me to see some parents buying cigarettes, lottery tickets and scratch cards, and large amounts of alcohol, while their children are either undernourished or obese, left to survive on fizzy drinks, sausage rolls and pasties.

Last week, I witnessed a young woman smack her little girl’s hand because the child slid open a store freezer to grab an ice cream.

The little girl was denied a treat, while the woman spent almost £20 on cigarettes.

I have witnessed children with aggressive, foul-mouthed parents.

To challenge such behaviour is to invite the response, “what’s it got to do with you?”, followed by “these are my kids, mind your own business”. Of course, these responses almost always contain foul language.

Surely, it is morally wrong in a decent society to simply stand back and let this happen.

I want to speak out, to challenge these people, but every time I speak out, it seems to make things worse. What can we do?

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