Parents urged to help cut disorder

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POLICE are urging parents to help them put a stop to youth disorder.

The plea follows a recent case of a large group of young people acting rowdily while drinking near the cycle path between Newlyn and Yarmouth Drive in Cramlington.

After being spotted by a community support officer, the group of around 30 to 40 youths ran off, damaging wing mirrors on three cars as they fled.

Several youngsters were subsequently stopped, taken home and spoken to in front of their parents.

A large quantity of alcohol was also seized across the weekend.

Some of the youngsters told police their parents or guardians buy alcohol for them or allow them to drink it before leaving the house.

Officers are now asking parents to stop doing so, not only to cut levels of disorder but also to prevent their children leaving themselves vulnerable to crime.

Mick Aspey, acting neighbourhood inspector for Cramlington, said: “We are asking for support from parents and carers to put a stop to this kind of behaviour.

“It’s well known that such behaviour is often fuelled by alcohol and under-age drinking, and such incidents can disproportionately raise the fear of crime in our communities.

“Adults who buy alcohol for those under age are also committing an offence, as well as damaging the youngsters’ health and putting them in a vulnerable position, with their decision-making becoming impaired.

“Parents need to work alongside police, who will continue to patrol the areas where youths gather as well as work with schools to address the issue.”

Northumberland County Council’s executive member for health and public protection, Anita Romer, of Hartley, added: “We are working with our partners in local schools to educate young people on the problems of misusing alcohol and the effect it can have on their communities and future opportunities.”

Anyone with concerns about youth disorder can contact police on 101 ext 69191.