PARK: Left to go downhill

It's nice to get all that money, £2.7m, for Hirst Park in Ashington (News Post Leader, August 9), but why only one park?

Sunday, 26th August 2018, 6:59 am

Have they forgotten the People’s Park at the other end of the town?

The only thing in this park is two sets of goalposts in the winter months.

I came to this end of the town in 1957. Back then, it was a lovely park.

The plantation was the first for the chop, then the bandstand, all hedges and fences, and the children’s corner with all the swings, tea pot lids, parallel bars, banana slide, two roundabouts, shuggy boat, cone swing, etc.

It was always well used.

When the houses were built at the Park Road side, it was all taken down and some put at the other side.

I asked the reason and was told it was for children at the housing estate.

That was the start of the clearing.

The benches and shelters went, then all the toilets – men and women’s, the bandstand, tennis courts and bowling green.

Now its just a field and car park, and a heap of concrete at the back. There are only five benches.

So much for it being the People’s Park.

I’m 83 now and it’s a shame how the town has gone downhill.

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