PARK: Resembling a bomb site

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Coming home from a meeting, I asked my colleague who was driving if she would like to detour around Newbiggin Memorial Park to get me home.

She told me how she wanted pictures in the park of her daughter in her bride’s dress, with the bridesmaid and families, just as she had done when she got married, in remembrance of her grandfather who was killed in the Second World War.

But what a shock we got at the Memorial Park.

As we drove around, it was like a bomb site.

The flower beds had not been cleared and stalks were strewn all around the beds, the grass was not cut and was dead in some areas, and there was no cut-back.

It really had the look of neglect, not the well kept Newbigign Memorial Park that people knew and loved, where folk lingered, sat and thought of loved ones no longer here.

It was very sad to see the park in such disarray.

“Umm,” said my colleague, “we won’t be here this summer for her wedding pictures.”

Nobody seems to be attending to the park, looking after it for the public and the fallen.

I could only hang my head, from a person who lost three uncles during the Second World War, and colleagues later.

Mrs CJ Hovsepian

Newbiggin by the Sea