Parking at station is a daily struggle

EVERY day it is a hassle and struggle to find a suitable space to park at Morpeth train station, unless you are fortunate enough to own a micro machine toy car.

Along with several others as on any other day, I parked on the side of the car park, partially on the pavement.

I cannot believe I received a parking fine for parking here, as I was making sure I caused as little inconvenience as possible.

All along Coopies Lane, due to the car park being totally inadequate, drivers are left no choice other than to park along the road and footpath.

Also I put to Northern Rail, the police, and Northumberland County Council, that there is absolutely no signage displayed anywhere along Coopies Lane or at the station to say penalty notices will be issued for parking anywhere other than the car park.

There are no yellow lines on the road either and no police cones to prevent parking.

There are absolutely no alternatives to use at Morpeth station and I would like to ask them how they expect the amount of rail users to park in a way as to not cause an obstruction?

If you were to visit between 7am and 5pm every day you would find vehicles all over the place, blocking the entire stretch of road at times.

Where the incentive is to use public transport is anyone’s guess.

You cannot justify this situation where rail users are being hit with £30 tickets for not parking in an already impossible to park in car park.

It is cheaper to do the opposite of what this useless penny-pinching government suggest, and park in Newcastle, causing congestion and burning fuel, as well as spending less on public transport.

Northern Rail and the county council should provide rail users with the correct facilities if they are going to promote travelling by rail.

Northumbria Police could then pay more attention to serious crime in the area and anti-social behaviour in the town centre.

I am absolutely disgusted that this can be allowed to happen while companies, councils, and the government are raking in our cash.

At the very least they should have notices displayed at the station.

Motorists once again are the easy target – we give the government thousands a year in some form of motoring tax, and you get nothing back, just third rate services and roads full of potholes.