Parking bays are for the disabled

I THINK along with other disabled / blue badge drivers that we are not asking a lot at Blyth Sports Centre, but I am sick and tired of drivers who are parking in clearly marked disabled bays.

There are even white van drivers.

You know who you are as you were parked there when I arrived at 7.40pm and were still there at 8.30pm with no blue badge.

This is not just aimed at that driver but also all the other drivers.

A disabled bay is clearly that – for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year.

It is a disabled bay and is not for some lazy individual who can’t be bothered to walk.

I’m requesting that someone from the sports centre take this complaint on-board, put up a camera or cameras and clamp the offenders with a release fee to be paid.

Alternatively, get the police to prosecute them, after all they are committing an offence.