PARKING: Fines let down area

I am very disappointed by a recent event when I was given a parking ticket at the Mermaid car park in Blyth.

I do not believe that this ticket should have been issued to me or any persons in the car park that day.

The car park involved is a free one to give access to a children’s play area, beach and fish-and-chip restaurant, as well as other facilities.

This area was recommended to me by one of my family members as a great place to take my grandchildren.

I was pleasantly surprised by the facilities and my grandchildren thoroughly enjoyed their visit.

When we arrived at the Mermaid car park after a very long drive, I had to drive around a number of times looking for a space. I noticed many people were parking on the grass or on the pavement, and I parked at the far end of the car park, next to the pavement alongside other vehicles – there were no yellow lines or notice boards saying not to park there.

We spent around two hours in the park having a picnic, as well as using the other facilities around. When we returned to my vehicle, myself and other people around were shocked and upset that we had been issued with parking tickets.

I approached the traffic warden, who was giving other people’s vehicles parking tickets and I asked for an explanation.

His answer was that the persons using the car park could only park in the designated bays.

He said that if this was a multi-storey car park there still would not be enough space to accommodate everyone.

When entering a free car park you would not, and should not, be expected to look for notice boards as you have been told it is a free car park as you drive in.

Where we parked could easily be marked as a bay as we were not on the pavement or grass, and not causing obstruction, and there were no yellow lines.

The traffic warden must have issued hundreds of tickets that day.

I would certainly not use these facilities again because I would not like to be put in this situation again, having to drive a long way and not be able to find a parking space and get another ticket.

I would not recommend these facilities to anyone else, which is a shame because they were great.

Blyth is trying to support and encourage tourism, but you are letting yourself down.

You have lost and will lose plenty of future customers if you keep giving out parking tickets to people in that car park.

I believe the set up of this car park is purely there to make money.

Mrs O Bridge