Parking must be addressed

I read with interest the article about parking at Wansbeck General Hospital (News Post Leader, March 13).

A while ago, Northumbria Healthcare Trust made disabled badge use only allowed for free parking if you registered a blue badge to a car – yet a badge is for a disabled person not a vehicle.

So while I would normally take my parents to their appointments and registered the badge to my car, if, in an emergency, my son had to take them, the badge isn’t registered to his car, so he could be fined for parking.

Also, the ‘Parking Eye’ system at the hospital is crazy.

My daughter parked, and under the system you have to input your car registration.

Unfortunately, she made an error on inputting her registration number.

By the time she realised it was too late to change and she had her ticket. A week later she received a notification of a parking fine.

Fortunately my daughter had kept her ticket and all the details on it corresponded to the information on the fine, and she appealed, acknowledging her mistake, but showing she had paid.

As a ‘gesture of goodwill’, Parking Eye cancelled the fine.

How many people, rushing to A&E, concerned about a relative in hospital, or anxious about a test will make the same error, and as a result be fined?

I can only hope the trust address these problems as soon as possible.

Patricia Heard