PARKING: Nowhere for residents

I refer to the letter titled Signs Are Just Ignored, (News Post Leader, February 22).

Friday, 2nd March 2018, 6:14 am

As a resident who lives in Wansbeck Road, opposite Bothal Primary School, I completely agree about the indiscriminate parking.

People park directly outside of our homes from as early as 7.15am and remain there on occasions until after 5pm, bypassing the car park that has been provided, thus leaving residents nowhere to park.

When they are asked if they could use the school car park they can be hostile and offensive.

I have returned from work to find no available spaces in Wansbeck Road, but the school car park has spaces. Yet, I would be trespassing if I parked in there.

I have had my car scratched and bumped by cars trying to squeeze into the smallest of spaces.

Coun Lynne Grimshaw asked residents their views on June 8. She said in the letter that officers had canvassed residents on their thoughts as to how the existing parking restrictions were working, yet no one came to my house and asked me.

Options given were a residents’ parking permit, more double yellow lines, or single yellow lines, which would prevent anyone, including residents, from parking during school start and finish times.

Where exactly does Coun Grimshaw expect residents to park then? This last option is hardly a solution, it sounds more like a punishment to the residents for complaining.

We got no feedback from the residents’ vote. In October, after contacting her, Coun Grimshaw said a meeting would be arranged with the school. Has this happened? No.

We shouldn’t have to meet. If the car park is not big enough, this should be addressed by the school and county council. Why should we, the residents, suffer?

I think Coun Grimshaw should remember that it is us, the residents, who supported her when she required our votes and elected her to represent us.

Parking is only ever a problem during school term times. Weekends and school holidays allow residents ample parking spaces.

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