PARKING: Show some compassion

My dad was taken into Cramlington Hospital on December 21, where parking was free.

He was then transferred to Wansbeck Hospital on December 23, where it costs £1.20 per hour to park. This is the only car park in the Wansbeck area that charges a fee.

I am absolutely disgusted. Not only is it very distressing to have a relative in hospital over the Christmas period, but even on Christmas Day and Boxing Day people have to ensure they have change to pay for parking. I actually saw parking attendants empty the cash from the ticket machines on Boxing Day.

Do these parking companies have no compassion?

I have also noticed that many of the ticket machines do not work and are ‘out of use’. I went to three machines one particular day before I found one that worked – I bet if I decided not to bother I would have gone back to a parking fine. I wonder if this is the intention.

I was also horrified to discover that the hospital staff themselves have to pay. These are the people who are helping our loved ones to recover and are also being penalised.

To date, I have spent £28.80 in parking fees, with my dad remaining in hospital for some time yet.

Not everyone is in a position to be able to afford these parking fees. It may prevent some people being able to visit a loved one.

I know this is not a local problem, however, surely there must be something which can be done to sort this out.

These parking companies are no more than vultures preying on the vulnerable.

Angela Markham-Lee

Guide Post