PARKING: Signs are just ignored

I share Mr Newman's frustration regarding speeding drivers (News Post Leader, February 15), but especially with regard to those that ignore parking restrictions.

Saturday, 24th February 2018, 06:04 am
Updated Wednesday, 21st February 2018, 16:35 pm

The residents living around Bothal Primary School have complained for years, but, unfortunately, any solution implemented is generally not adhered to.

We have contacted county councillor Lynn Grimshaw about this, who promised back in October to organise a meeting to discuss our concerns. However, we are still waiting.

Residents have been verbally and physically abused when people have been asked to move their vehicles.

People seem to presume they can park anywhere they like, this being in front of garages blocking access, on double yellow lines, on the zig-zags, and even on the grass on the park, in between the trees.

They seem oblivious to the ‘no entry’ signs, ‘one way’ signs and disabled parking bays.

We have been assured by the police that the parking enforcement van drives past regularly, and without even stopping issues penalty notices.

Of course, not forgetting the parking enforcement officers on foot, who are rarely seen.

Some people do use the car park each day and walk to the school. This only takes minutes.

Sadly, it seems the majority do not.

Perhaps they need to re-read the Highway Code?

Perhaps parking enforcement will start issuing penalty notices.

Perhaps the council will take notice and act before the turf needs replacing or, God forbid, there is a serious accident.

We live in hope.

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