PARKING: The problem of laziness

I recently had occasion to walk along Wansbeck Road in Ashington with a pushchair at the same time as Wansbeck First School came out.

Cars were parked along the length of Wansbeck Road in front of the houses, but several cars were also parked on the park side with two wheels on the pavement.

They were causing a problem for us pedestrians as we could only pass by single file without walking on the muddy grass.

One car driver completely blocked the path with the car doors while busy strapping their children into their seats.

I dread to think what anyone in a wheelchair or mobility scooter would have done, it was bad enough with a small pushchair.

Another aspect is the congestion it causes on the road.

Because the road was now effectually single file, the traffic was backed up both ways.

All this and there is a large car park, which was made for the leisure centre, not far away. On that particular day, it was barely half-full.

I can only conclude that the reasons for such inconsiderate parking are laziness and selfishness.

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