Parking ticket not necessary

I WAS disgusted to see a parking ticket being placed on a vehicle displaying a blue badge in Bowes Street, Blyth.

The elderly couple were parking on the double yellow lines outside Wilkinsons, but the parking warden watched them leave the car before walking across and issuing a ticket.

They were away 15 minutes. When I asked the warden why they had got a ticket I was told they had not displayed the card showing the time they arrived, and they may have been there more than three hours.

Yes, this may be a reason to issue a ticket, but it was obvious they had not been there three hours.

I think a note reminding them of the need to use the time card would have been more sensible.

Are these parking wardens on a bonus? They are supposed to stop inappropriate parking.

Well I have seen enough, and although I have shopped in Blyth all my life as I want to support local business, I am finished with visiting Blyth town centre.

In future I will stick to Asda and Cramlington.

Let’s face it, Blyth is hardly pushed for parking spaces, so why the need for these heavy handed actions?