PARKING: Why let so many in?

After reading the letter by Mrs O Bridge regarding her parking ticket (News Post Leader, September 10), I can fully understand her feelings and frustrations, which I am sure are felt by many others.

It’s quite clear this car park is far too small for the demand of the general public, which is confirmed by the traffic warden.

The fact that parking tickets are being given was explained to myself by the council as these vehicles pose a health and safety risk. Unfortunately, giving a vehicle a parking ticket does not take that hazard away.

Northumberland County Council needs to look very carefully at this problem and if there are only 100 spaces available then why let 200 or 300 cars in? Surely this makes sense.

However, if this was the case, then this car park would no longer generate any revenue from parking tickets, which asks the question, which is more important, money or health and safety?

John Waterworth