Partnership sees creation of ten jobs

A new partnership will see major improvements to environmental maintenance in Cramlington, leading to the creation of ten new jobs.

The town council has signed a partnership agreement with Northumberland County Council, where the county will provide weekly grass cuts, annual edging of pavements and hedge cutting, more extensive planting across the town and frequent litter collection.

Ten full time jobs have been created for people in Cramlington as a result of the partnership.

The town council will be contributing £310,000 a year to the partnership and will have a shared responsibility for determining priorities and monitoring the standard of work undertaken.

Town council chairman Ann Mitcheson, said: “People who live in Cramlington want a town they can be proud of.

“We are confident that over the next five years the partnership will deliver major improvements and provide real value for money.

“We took the realistic view that unless we provided financial support for enhanced services, the condition of our town would steadily deteriorate and that is something we cannot accept.”