Party for an anniversary

A Brownies division has held a party to celebrate the Big Brownie Birthday.

Girls from the Ashington Division have held an extra-special birthday party to mark the 100th birthday of Brownies.

This year sees hundreds of thousands of Girlguiding members from all over the UK celebrate The Big Brownie Birthday – and the Ashington, Bedlington and Ellington Brownies chose to hold their own celebration.

The girls took the lead in planning the festivities, by choosing activities and making decorations.

Leader Allison Walters said: “It was fantastic to see the girls have so much fun at the party, building their confidence and celebrating the way they wanted.

“This year is all about the Brownies, but we wanted to make sure all sections were able to join in the fun.

“Everybody had a great time and it was a fitting way to mark 100 years of Brownies.”