Party look to save money

At our first meeting of 2014, members stood to remember two of our colleagues who sadly passed away, Evelyn Tully and John McCormack.

It was with great sadness that branch members had to consider the political practicalities surrounding John, whose death leaves a vacant seat on Ashington Town Council.

Following the previous term of the council when by-elections became an all too common occurrence, we are mindful of the cost implications in such an austere time.

A town council by-election costs around £5,000 to hold.

Ashington Branch Labour Party has therefore resolved that, whilst it cannot control the actions of others, it will not instigate the electoral process until May.

In May the country goes to the polls for elections to the European Parliament, dovetailing with this would save money for the tax payers of Ashington.

Coun Tommy Wilson

Chairman, Ashington Branch Labour Party