Passengers not happy

I have just read the letter from Alan Hitchens (News Post Leader, February 13). I am surprised no one else has written on this.

I use the bus daily and have yet to hear one good word about Arriva.

It is not just the X22 that is always late, but also the No. 2. From listening to the passengers’ complaints at the bus stop, the No. 2 seems to be the worst.

The 308 from Whitley Bay is never on time and, the long wait for it in the cold weather is no fun for the elderly. And the daily farce trying to get from Cambois to Blyth amazes everyone.

Those responsible for the timetable created this comedy of errors ... the No. 34 gets to Stakeford at 9.40am, the No. 1 to Blyth is at 9.40am, it is always early and we miss it, so we all have to wait for the 10am, which is late by five minutes.

This is daily and takes about an hour for a journey that would take 20 minutes in a car, and after 2pm we have to pay for a taxi as Arriva will not put a bus on for us to get back from work.

Arriva does not know just how many passengers are sick of waiting for buses that do not turn up or are late.

Linden Sillence