Patching at least a start

You kindly printed my letter regarding potholed roads by building works around Seventh Avenue in Ashington.

Well, thanks to the power of the press, on Sunday, yes Sunday, a group of men were out patching (as I predicted) some of the roads I mentioned.

Now we have little black mushrooms all over the roads, but at least it’s a start.

Perhaps when the builders remove the rest of their equipment the roads might be repaired properly.

The turn in from Milburn Road is especially bad as there is a level rise of about ten inches and potholes all over. As you hit this at an angle while turning in it tends to throw the car all over the place.

And don’t get me started on the parking at that junction.

It is nearly as difficult getting down Seventh Avenue as it is trying to get down Lintonville Terrace.

Two sets of traffic lights, a bus stop and main bus station between them, and a main store half way down, to say nothing of a new sports centre being built at the bottom, result?

Havoc, no wonder people would rather travel to Cramlington or Blyth to do their shopping.

David Cowton