PATH: An amenity for everyone

I wholeheartedly agree with the letters from Adrian McRobb and Paul Walker, (News Post Leader, December 17), regarding dog walkers on the Eve Black Way cycle track.

As a cyclist who uses the cycle tracks on a daily basis around Northumberland, I find dog walkers can be very anti-social people who think they have the divine right to allow their dogs to roam free on the tracks, or at best have them on a 20ft extending lead.

They glare at cyclists when they see them on their “only for dog walkers” tracks.

They do not call their dogs off when they chase cyclists, and they do not move their 20ft leads when they see a cyclist to allow them to pass.

When you give them a cheery greeting, they do not respond because, after all, how dare you be cycling in a dog walkers’ area.

Let’s not mention the fact that some allow their dogs to excrete on the tracks, with no intention of cleaning it up. Or pick up the mess in a plastic bag, tie it up and leave it on the ground.

Who do they think is going to clean this up, the ‘dog poo fairy’, or do they not really care?

I am not inferring all dog walkers are like this as I have come across friendly responsible dog walkers also.

So guilty dog walkers please get your act together and realise that these tracks are an amenity for everyone. Cyclists, joggers walkers and dog walkers alike, we should all be using them in harmony.

Is it not time that everyone should be using these excellent leisure facilities without argument?

Michael Smith