PATH: Dog-walkers must share

I notice that the dog-walkers versus cyclists war, has broken out again. (News Post Leader, December 10).

Why should cyclists be forced nearer the road just to placate the dog-walkers?

I have used this path as a walker, a cyclist and a dog-walker, and unfortunately I find the dog-walkers in error.

I have been attacked as a walker and as a cyclist, and with my dog, by people who shouldn’t be allowed to own animals. I have also had the odd near miss from cyclists, who always apologised afterwards.

I think that maybe the cyclists ride at speed as a method of self-preservation, although you would have to be extremely fit to go fast on this cycle path – its differing gradients don’t allow it.

I think that the local dog-walkers will just have to learn to share, something some seem unwilling to do.

Adrian McRobb