PATH: Respect one another

I refer to the letter ‘Way not just for walkers’, (News Post Leader, December 10).

Mr Duffell, who was responding to a previous letter, stated that cyclists should have, and should use, a bell on walkways, and that these walkways are for use by all, not just for cyclists, to which I fully agree. However, I wish to add the following.

I am a member of two local walking groups, which carry out weekly walks on local pathways away from the dangers of traffic on the roads.

I am aware that the subject I am about to discuss is regularly published in the News Post Leader with regards to cyclists having access to these pathways. I fully agree that they should, however, the attachment of a bell to their cycles would be a beneficial asset, especially as a number of those walking are elderly citizens.

On Friday, December 18, we were walking from Seaton Sluice Community Centre to Blyth, along Eve Black Way, when a lady approached us with her dog, which was not on a lead and came pounding towards us, knocking over and injuring an 80-year-old member of our group.

When I approached this lady, who was considerably younger than the walkers, and advised her that her dog should be on a lead all I got from the lady was abuse and she advised me that her dog needed to be exercised and off the lead. She did not even have the decency to apologise to the lady who was injured.

The walker who was knocked over by the dog was required to get a lift back home to Seaton Sluice as a result of her injury.

There was a gentlemen around at the time who also had a dog off the lead, but when he realised what had happened he did have the sense to put his dog on the lead and help the lady who was knocked over and injured. I’d like to thank that gentleman for his assistance.

Can I please request that cyclists, dog walkers and walkers have respect for one another and show some sense when using these pathways?

I agree that we all should have access to these pathways in a safe environment, but once again, respect should be shown by all.

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