PATH: Show some basic sense

I have read with interest the letters published over the past year regarding walkers and cyclists on the Eve Black Way.

Forget the Highway Code or who has the right of way, how about cyclists showing some basic common sense and a bit of consideration to others?

Some are approaching other users at speed, more often than not from behind.

This may surprise you, but I and others do not have eyes in the back of our heads, evolution has not yet gone that far.

Slow down and make others aware that you are around, you don’t have to ring your bell if you find that a bit childish, perhaps you could use you voice and say ‘excuse me coming past’.

I know this may be difficult when you’re in the zone and you’re having a serious moment. You give the impression that you are far more important than a mere pedestrian.

In this day and age of personal injury compensation claims, if a cyclist rides into the back of a pedestrian the cyclist would be liable. I do hope that the cyclist has liability insurance.

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