PATH: Signage plan won't work

Here we go again, yet another letter about cyclists and the dangers to the public, animals and children, (News Post Leader, February 11).

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 21 February, 2016, 10:55

I have written several letters myself on this subject. I recently wrote to Ronnie Campbell MP, who passed my concerns on.

I then received a reply from Paul Jones, head of neighbourhood services at Northumberland County Council, stating that it is continuing to work with user groups, including Sustrans, to try to address any clear conflicts of use.

I mentioned that cyclists were never allowed to ride on the promenade when I was a child. This rule was apparently changed in 2007-08 as it was considered wide enough for both pedestrians and cycle traffic to use safely. Maybe that was the case in 2007, but not now. There are more cyclists around these days due to the popularity of the sport and its media coverage.

Apparently, the council is going to review the signage to make it clear that cyclists should give way to pedestrians. Let’s hope they can read it as they speed past.

I fear this will make no difference whatsoever.

I agree with everything Dr Hutton said. It really seems as if it is going to take a serious accident before Northumberland County Council takes any notice.

Maybe Mr Jones should take a walk along the promenade, or even a bike ride along the Eve Back Walkway, to see the dangers for himself.

M Baxter