PATH: Try to get on together

I was going to respond to Mr Stevens’ letter (News Post Leader, December 3), with reference to the dog walker/cyclist debate, but I see it still rumbles on.

Let us all be honest though.

Some cyclists do ride too fast, and common sense would suggest to any normal person that they should take their time a bit, but also some dog walkers don’t have control of their dogs, and those extending leads should be banned as no, you are not in control of your dog, you are just preventing it from running away.

Yes, cycle riders could ride next to the road, but dog walkers could also walk along the beach, both solutions to the problem.

This issue (if it is really an issue, and I think not) is never going to go away as, unfortunately, some people always think their opinion is correct.

Perhaps we should all try to get on with each other a little more – smile a bit.

Perhaps you should try to enjoy life, instead of constantly complaining.

Think yourselves lucky that you can get out and ride your bike or walk your dog. There are an awful lot of people who can’t.

Ian Bainbridge

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