Pedestrians just ignore crossings

IN response to Kenneth Fallon (News Post Leader, letters, August 4), he should stand outside Westgate department store (Northumbria House) and count how many pedestrians do not use the crossings specifically placed at either side of the store.

You will see 99.9 per cent of shoppers walk straight out of Boots, Herons, Halifax and the amusement arcade straight over to the market via the road because they simply can’t be bothered to walk that extra ten yards to cross safely at the crossings provided.

It is said pedestrians are risking their lives through ignorant drivers not looking, but in all fairness it works both ways.

There are a total of seven pelican crossings in Waterloo Road, but most people would rather risk crossing anywhere to save that extra five seconds walk.

I’ve said for years Waterloo Road should either be totally pedestrianised, similar to Northumberland Street in Newcastle, or a barrier should be positioned on both sides of the road stretching from The Three Cooks right down to the Jobcentre.

I wish I had a pound for every lazy pedestrian crossing the road less than ten yards from a crossing and not looking both ways because they think sending a text message is way more important than their own safety