Pensioner Violet takes to the skies

Violet Whitfield. Picture from the Skydive Academy.
Violet Whitfield. Picture from the Skydive Academy.

A pensioner has taken a leap of faith to raise funds for an organisation that helped save two family members.

Violet Whitfield was joined by her granddaughters Abbie Wilce and Christie Wilce, in a sponsored parachute jump to raise money for the RNLI.

Crews from Blyth RNLI played a key role in helping Violet’s son Steven Terry who is a member of Blyth Kayak Club, and his nine-year-old daughter Demi, when they got into difficulty in the sea while kayaking off Blyth beach.

The RNLI were on exercise nearby and managed to get them both safely back to shore.

Seventy-two-year-old Violet said: “In June 2014 my son and granddaughter were kayaking with the Blyth Kayak Club out at sea off Blyth beach.

“Unfortunately the sea conditions changed when they were trying to get back to the beach and my granddaughter found she was unable make it back to safely.

“Thankfully Blyth RNLI were close by and were able to give her and her boat a lift back to shore.

“My son had made it back to the beach safely but after walking back into the sea to try to help his daughter, got stuck in a rip current, and the lifeboat was then sent back out to pick him up.

“To say thank you to the RNLI I decided to throw myself out of a plane and see how much money I could raise for them.”

Violet was able to raise £501 for the RNLI.

Anyone who would like to donate can visit her online page at