People are so friendly in the north

Last year my husband and I moved up from Sussex to Northumberland to be near our son, daughter-in-law and our baby grandson.

It was a big move after living in the south all our lives, and we very much miss our friends and relatives, but I must admit how much friendlier and more helpful northern people are.

We have found that shop assistants are pleasant and helpful, dog walkers smile and chat and all the medical personnel we have come across are both sympathetic and competent.

Again, last week we were impressed with a couple of young girls.

We had been to Ridley Park, Blyth, with our grandson and unknowingly I had left my handbag on a seat by the fountains.

After we arrived home (and still not missing my bag) there was a knock at our door and two young girls had found my bag, seen the address inside and had driven round to return it to me.

They were so lovely and would not even take a reward.

So if they are reading this – thank you very much for doing this.

Sheila Gridley