People must pass criteria

The letter from J Butler (News Post Leader, April 2) correctly lists all the points that the people of Blyth are talking and worrying about.

How on earth can will we get in and out of Blyth, it is impossible now.

Schools are full, doctors are just coping, refuse collectors are worried about their jobs etc.

Then I thought there must be a cunning plan – not known to us mere ratepayers – because if there was not a cunning plan surely our officials would be asking the same questions we all are, as they have to drive in an out of Blyth.

My theory, and in fact the only one that makes any sense to me, is that the people who are buying or renting any new properties in Blyth must pass the following criteria:

Agree to have no children;

Agree to never own a car;

Travel anywhere on foot or by bike;

Agree never to be ill and require medical attention;

And under no circumstances buy a refuse bin.


K Brown