People should be responsible for these dog attacks

After reading another article about a child being attacked by a dog (News Post Leader, May 8), I am appalled that these owners are not being held more responsible.

More has got to be done – and this should also apply to dog minders and walkers, as another incident occurred involving a friend and his dog, a whippet, recently.

He was walking his dog when a dog minder with a lurcher and greyhounds was on the other side of the road. The lurcher somehow got loose and attacked our friend’s dog.

He picked him up to protect him but was knocked to the ground. Both he and his dog were badly bitten. The dog had to be put to sleep whilst he had to spend a number of days in hospital.

He is now heartbroken as he has lost his friend.

There needs to be a major shake-up in the law of how owners and dog walkers / minders control their dogs.

I am so upset about these incidents I just had to put pen to paper.

Mrs Jean Curle