Ava and Oliver give gifts to homeless

A brother and sister provided some festive cheer to people living on the streets.

Monday, 16th December 2019, 1:30 pm
Updated Friday, 20th December 2019, 5:03 pm
Ava and Oliver Jackson with some of their gift items for the homeless.
Ava and Oliver Jackson with some of their gift items for the homeless.

Blyth residents Ava and Oliver Jackson spent some time making gifts for those less fortunate.

They then went into Newcastle with their mother, Victoria Young, and spoke with the homeless people they met, as well as giving them the items.

This built on a previous year when they were walking in the city eating some food and gave the rest of it to a man living on the streets after noticing him.

Ava, 11, attends Seaton Sluice Middle School and Oliver, seven, is a Bede Academy pupil.

Victoria said: “Homelessness seems to be on the rise this year and when we talked about the subject recently, they both insisted that they wanted to do something to help.

“We added some small Christmas cakes, chocolates, sweets and mints into cellophane bags and wrapped them – adding a tag.

“We also delivered a carton of juice, new gloves and hand warmers.

“We then walked for a few hours on an evening in Newcastle to chat with some of the city’s homeless people and hand over the gifts.

“They spoke about their lives, this included some heartbreaking stories, whilst Ava and Oliver sat beside them.

“My children shook their hands, gave them high fives and said ‘I wish you a safe and peaceful Christmas’ when we left.

“We knew we had to be careful because not everyone on the streets is genuinely homeless, but it was obvious for all the people we gave gifts to that they are genuine once we started speaking with them.

“These individuals appreciated the time that we gave them and it showed that a small act of kindness goes a long way.

“Our message is don’t be scared of homeless people and even if you don’t have the time to speak with them, or have any cash on you, just a small ‘hello’ or a ‘Merry Christmas’ can make a difference to their day.

“It was an interesting experience for Ava and Oliver and I’m very proud of them for thinking of others who are less fortunate than we are at this busy time.”