Cramlington gym vandalised two days after it was installed

An outdoor gym facility has been vandalised – just two days after it was installed in Cramlington.

Wednesday, 21st April 2021, 10:00 am
Cramlington Town Council Operations Manager Daryl Wood at the site.

Cramlington Town Council spent £15,000 on the site to provide gym equipment, free of charge to local residents.

Now the outraged council is asking the community to join them in taking a stand against the vandals.

Daryl Wood, the council’s Operations Manager, said: “The council is hugely disappointed to see what happened just a few hours after the installation was completed.

"Apparently, a broken golf club was used to damage the new fixtures and the resulting marks are clearly visible.

“We have pledged our commitment to improving the facilities for youngsters across the town and then this happens.

“I am asking residents to ring the police immediately on 101 if they witness any ongoing vandalism. If anybody has information about this incident, we also ask them to ring the police, quoting Reference 488 18042021.

“CCTV footage is currently being examined and we will fully support prosecution of those responsible.”

Town Clerk Bob Baker added: “Money spent repairing vandalism is less money we have to invest in new facilities for all our youngsters.

“I appreciate that teenagers have a degree of independence, but I would like to ask parents – do you know that your child wasn’t involved? Maybe have a conversation with your children about the futility of vandalism.

"We all want Cramlington to be the best place to live – don’t we?”