Encouraging kids to cycle more in Northumberland

Children across Northumberland are being actively encouraged by their schools to get on their bikes as part of this year’s Big Pedal 2021.

Tuesday, 11th May 2021, 9:00 am
Children are being encouraged to take part in The Big Pedal.

The Big Pedal, the UK’s largest inter-school cycling and scooter-based challenge, aims to inspire and empower children, teachers and parents to get on two wheels.

They are encouraged to make the daily journey to school on bikes, improving their health and wellbeing whilst also having a positive impact on the environment and reducing traffic congestion at the school gates.

Cath McEvoy-Carr, executive director for adult and children’s services, said: “This is a great way to get our children and young people involved in exercise whilst also giving them the opportunity to learn about the benefits of cycling, scooting and even walking to school rather than using a vehicle; both for the environment and for their own health and wellbeing.”

To date 11 schools in Northumberland have signed up and are actively engaging with the daily challenges.

Schools can take part in a range of activities to see how many of their children, teachers, parents or carers they can get cycling or scooting to schools.

Northumberland’s commitment continues, with the launch of ‘The Big Northumberland Gear Change’ – calling for residents to adopt more sustainable ways of getting around the county.

Tips, advice and stories from fellow residents who have swapped petrol for peddles can be found on a dedicated new website that has been developed to convince residents to reduce their reliance on cars, something which will play a huge part in Northumberland achieving its net zero carbon emissions target by 2030.

Find out more and sign up for the challenge at www.northumberlandgearchange.co.uk