HMS Blyth arrived in the Port of Blyth on July 23.

HMS Blyth pays a visit to Blyth

There was a special arrival at the Port of Blyth today.

Friday, 23rd July 2021, 4:57 pm

HMS Blyth made a return to the town just after 9.30am today (Friday) ahead of a number of special events with local dignatries.

The minesweeper last made a visit to the town its named after in 2016.

It is believed to be the ship’s final visit

HMS Blyth is the second Royal Navy ship to bear the name. The previous Blyth was a Bangor-class minesweeper that was launched in 1940 and served in the Second World War.

The ship is crewed by 41 personnel, including ten mine warfare ratings and eight divers, along with officers, engineers and chefs. She has had 24 Commanding Officers over her 18 years of service.

Despite being a minesweeping vessel, HMS Blyth still packs a punch. She is fitted with a 30mm machine gun, two general purpose machine guns, three Mk44 miniguns and two .50 calibre heavy machine guns.

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