Plans drawn up for marina at Newbiggin

Plans are being drawn up that would make Newbiggin by the Sea the leisure boat capital of the North East.

Tuesday, 17th September 2019, 11:12 am
Updated Friday, 20th September 2019, 4:03 pm
Newbiggin beach and, inset, the plans for the marina.
Newbiggin beach and, inset, the plans for the marina.

Proposals are being worked on to create a marina at the south end of Newbiggin Bay to enable boats and leisure craft to moor up.

Those behind the plans say it opportunity is knocking to help secure the future of the town’s children and grandchildren.

Officials at Newbiggin by the Sea Bay Project say it would deliver vital infrastructure investment for the bay by utilising the sea providing numerous activities for leisure and business.

Alan Thompson said: “Over the last ten years significant environmental improvements have made our town a much more attractive place for residents and visitors.

“Whilst the perception of our town gets better, we are probably one of the few places that has a population of over 6,000 people but almost no industry or office accommodation for commercial activity.

“This harbour/marina project proposal will deliver a catalyst for local and national investment from both land and water based leisure groups and organisations.

“The location does not impair the view of the bay from the seafront and it offers secure and independent access that will not interfere with existing activities in the town.

“When completed, the sailing boats will add a spectacular back drop to very real opportunities for additional regional, national and international investment.

“All we need is the evidence of public support from the people of Newbiggin and beyond to satisfy the criteria needed for the next phase of the project.”

Concerns have been raised that parts of the bay and beach would be lost to the marina but Mr Thompson said: “The existing beach will remain as it is for over a length of more than 1,000metres.

“Newbiggin by the Sea has made significant progress since the beach was replaced and it will remain as our number one asset.”

Mr Thompson added: “We have to show there is a need. There is a shortage of accommodation for moored vessels in the North East.

“Access to Amble marina is only when the tide is in, while St Peter’s Basin in Newcastle is eight miles from the sea.”

Surveys are being distributed for residents to show their support while a website wansbeckmatters/ has been launched to provide ongoing updates.

Anyone who wants more information should email [email protected]