Police praise quick actions of lorry driver on A19

A lorry driver has been praised for his quick actions in helping a distressed man on a bridge.

Saturday, 10th April 2021, 9:00 am
Northumbria Police have praised the actions of a lorry driver.

Darren had been driving along the A19 past Moor Farm roundabout when he looked up and spotted a distressed man standing at the side of a bridge.

After pulling over he dialled 999 and was told emergency services were on their way.

But Darren made his way to the bridge and cautiously approached the lone man, engaging with him and convincing him to come away from the edge.

Police arrived moments later to find Darren and the man sat together, away from harm.

Appropriate care and support was given to the man, while Darren reached out further and offered to keep in touch with him.

Darren said: “There was no way I could have kept on driving, I just did what I felt was right and I’m pleased I was able to help. We’ve all got to look out for each other.”

Sergeant James Hogg has praised Darren for the kindness he showed.

He said: “Though police were just minutes away – minutes matter in situations like this and Darren’s kind intervention could have been crucial.

“Though it’s not always appropriate for a member of the public to intervene, a stranger’s kindness can mean the world to someone during a vulnerable moment.

“Thank you Darren for your quick-thinking but most of all, for the kindness you were able to show a person who needed some in that moment. You’re a credit to our area.”