Schoolboy praised for quick actions after spotting fire in Ashington

A young schoolboy has been praised for his quick actions after spotting a house fire in Ashington.

Monday, 17th June 2019, 1:01 pm
Updated Wednesday, 19th June 2019, 10:13 pm
Zak, Dean receives his commendation from Supt Helen Anderson joined by PSCO Lisa Auld and Mini Police members.

Ten-year-old Zak Dean was playing in the park with two friends when they spotted flames and smoke coming from a house roof.

They raced to the scene in Rowlington Terrace and called 999.

Zak had recently attended a workshop at SafetyWorks! where he and fellow pupils learned about what to do in an emergency and how to call for help.

Zak Dean with PCSO Lisa Auld.

He said: “I remembered what the officer told me and knew I had to call 999 to get the fire brigade and maybe an ambulance. I told them what I saw and roughly where we were and they were able to track my location with the phone and came straight away.

“We kept screaming ‘fire!’ to warn anyone who might have been in the house to get out.”

Zak, of James Knott Campus Bishop’s Primary School, has been thanked by one of the officers who organised the workshop and has now received a commendation signed by Northumbria Police’s Chief Constable Winton Keenen.

Supt Helen Anderson said: “Zak has a natural instinct to help people and his actions were incredibly brave.”

PCSO Lisa Auld, the officer who taught the session, said: “Zak’s quick thinking on the phone was fantastic. He stayed calmed and I’m incredibly proud of how he used his knowledge from the workshop – and he should be too.”

Zak added: “I’m glad I was able to help. I’m just happy everyone was ok.”