Warning over trespassing on power station's rail lines

Residents are being urged not to trespass on train lines at a power station.

Tuesday, 25th May 2021, 9:00 am
Residents are being urged not to trespass on the rail lines at Lynemouth Power Station.

Officials at Lynemouth Power Limited (LPL) are urging members of the public to adhere to strict safety warnings after being alerted to people walking on the tracks and other prohibited areas as lockdown eases.

Trains continue to visit the power station on a daily basis, but there have been reports of people accessing the lines as well as the lagoon areas close to the site.

LPL management is urging people to follow the strict safety notices and not to trespass.

Daryn Campbell, operations manager, said: “These are highly dangerous areas and trains have still been operating as usual on the tracks coming into the power station.

"It is essential therefore, as lockdown starts to ease and people begin to exercise and go out more, that they stay away from the train lines, and if necessary, only cross at the official, designated, signposted places.”